Student/Full Stack Dev

Hi! I'm charlie, you may also know me as chazzox!

Currently I'm an Innovation Engineer @ Matillion and im looking to re-continue my studies at RHUL next year.

In the past, I've done work for companies such as UKRepMed

Below are some of my projects in varying states of completion that i've tinkered with over the years

Project-OmikronA game development project im currently working on, currently learning godot!

HydrovaA retired Alternative Reddit client

discordifyA Better Discord plugin

Twitter StreamTwitter feed made for a RHUL SU night

Faster PanoptoBrowser extension for panopto lectures

oxHackMy submission to oxford hack 22

ReplayA discover weekly backup tool

BetterDiscordPluginsA Monorepo containing all my BDP stuff

Copied: "chazzox"!